When Should I Change the Water in my Catfish Pond?

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When should I change the water in my catfish pond?

It is important you know how to change the water in your catfish pond because water is life to your catfish.

You can imagine you as a human being breathing in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. If you are to ration that breathing gas, you know there will be a problem, right?

That is how clean water is important for your catfish. The cleaner the water; the more your catfish eat. The more the fish eat, the faster they grow. This is assuming that you bought very good fingerlings or juveniles. Here I show you how to make sure you always buy the best fingerlings or juvneiles. Click here.

And that leads to more breakdown of their food and growth for the fishes!

There are three major factors that will help you know when to change the water for your catfish.

Type of pond.

There are different types of ponds n catfish farming. People use earthen, mobile, concrete ponds and circulatory systems. In an earthen pond, the water probably comes in from nearby streams or river and you might just need to change the water once in a month throughout the cycle of raising your catfish. But in your concrete pond, you get to change it more frequently. Normally, I tell people to change their water as soon as the water is dirty.

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Water needs of earthen ponds are majorly serviced by nearby streams or rivers.

Stocking density.

The number of fishes in your catfish pond will determine how fast the water will get dirty. If you put five people in a room, they will probably use up the resources in that room slower than if you put twenty people in the room. So, the stocking density is related to the number of catfishes you put in your pond. The more the fishes, the faster you will have to change your water.

The type of feed you use.

There are two types of feed used in Nigeria. They are floating and sinking feed. Floating feed stay on top where the fishes pick them up to eat immediately. Sinking feed sink into the water and thus they pollute the water faster. Do, anyone using sinking feeds will have to change the water quicker.

Locally made floating fish feed
The nature of the feed affects water cleanliness and clarity.

So, with all these major factors known, I usually tell people to change the water as soon as it is dirty.

However, when you just stock your juvenile, you might delay changing the water for four or five days. This is to help the fish stabilize and settle down in its new environment after all the stress you have just put it through in movement and counting.

As the fishes start getting bigger, they will start messing up the water quicker and thus you will need to change the water faster. So, when should you change your catfish water? Immediately it is dirty.

The clean water is never too much for catfish. The cleaner the better and the better, the faster they grow.

If you want to know how to know which type of feed to use for your catfish, click here.

If you also want to start your catfish farming business, here are seven tips you need to know as you start your catfish farm.

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