How to line your pond with tarpaulin in Nigeria.

tarpaulin for big dam

You might be curious about how to line your pond with tarpaulin in Nigeria. Many people decide to do this for various reasons.

Your pond might be for irrigation purposes; an earthen pond that will retain water, or just to collect water for dry seasons. For lining the pond with tarpaulin effectively, I will share five points to note.

1. Get proper measurements of your pond to be lined.

This is probably the most important.

I have found out that it is better to have a bigger tarpaulin that will allow for the cutting off of excess tarpaulin material than for the pond not to be sufficiently covered because the tarpaulin material is not large enough.

Remember that your tarpaulin would not be smooth as it lies on the ground, a lot of folds and creases would occur.

So, it is always good to add extra to the dimensions of the pond you intend to line. You would have to add the height of the pond to both sides of the pond so it comes out to the top of the other side.

I would explain more later.

tarpaulin for dam
tarpaulin for dam

2. Dig your ponds with sloppy edges.

To help in retaining the edges of the pond, it is always good to make the edges slopy. This slope should be considered and added to the measurements taken when getting your pond’s measurement in the first point.

Lining a pond with tarpaulin
Lining a pond with tarpaulin

3. Lay your tarpaulin.

There are different kinds of tarpaulin with varying years of guarantee.

There are some of three years, five years and even ten years which are reinforced with fiber. So get the appropriate one.

My experience would also teach you that you should prepare the tarpaulin in smaller sizes and join them on-site. This might be better than you doing a very big tarpaulin material that would be very difficult to set up and carry on the farm.

When it is too heavy, I have found out that it is too much of a trouble and work for the people lining it. So it is better to do it in small sizes and join it together on site. This will allow for easy movement and arrangement.

4. Secure the edges of your pond.

Once the pond is lined with tarpaulin, secure the edges.

This can be done with stones set around the edges whilst lining and something more fine can be done later…it is called landscaping.

It is good to do this so that the tarpaulin does not flip and flop due to the windy activities of the weather.

irrigation pond for farm with tarpaulin
irrigation pond for farm with tarpaulin

5. Make sure there is an overflow.

Yes, you want to collect as much water as possible but you do not want your pond to be too filled up. So make sure there is an overflow of your water from the top.

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Watch this video below to see us lining excavated earthen ponds with liners.

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