Make Sure You do this before You Start Your Catfish Farm!

A lot of people want to start a catfish farm in Nigeria because they see it as a very lucrative business. However, what are the things you need to do before you actually start your catfish farm in Nigeria?

Start your catfish farm in Nigeria

Understand that Fish Business is very wide!

A lot of people do different things in this industry. I will just list out six businesses that are available in the catfish industry.


All some people do is raise broodstocks, mate the male and females and get their catfish juveniles. They sell these fingerlings and they are in our catfish industry as well. The requirements you need to start a hatchery are different from the requirements you need to start another business in catfish farming.

Grow-out farms

This is what most people remember and think about when they want to start a catfish farm. They want to probably buy juveniles and fingerlings and raise them to market size and sell them to market women or to smokers. This is probably the most popular fish farming venture. The requirements are different from the hatchery.

Asher Tours - Training in Catfish Concrete Pond Farming (2)
Asher training tour at a concrete fish pond.

Fish Processing Centers

Some people only have a smoking kiln and they buy fish from other people, process it, pack them in packs just like these ones and sell. And they are in the fish business!

Do you know some other people just buy fish and put their names on top of the package? That is, they buy our own already packed fish, put their sticker on top and sell it at supermarkets. They are in this industry too.

Fish Grills and Peppersoup joints.

Some other people buy fish, grill it or use it for pepper soup. They are also in this fish business.

Feed makers and sellers

 Some people make fish feed and sell fish feed. And that’s all they do. Some other people have stored for selling fish feed because they are in fish farming estates and they also make money from this industry.

Broodstock sellers

Some other people are broodstock sellers. They only thing they do is raise fish and when they are big, they sell them to fish farmers as broodstock. They are all in this industry.

Now, the grow-out farmers probably just deal with ponds; earthen ponds, mobile ponds, concrete ponds and different types of ponds. However, if you want to start your own catfish business, why don’t you come and visit each and every itemized business afore-listed in Ibadan? Then when you see what they are doing and what is required for each of these businesses, you can then decide on what you want to do. Or which segment you want to focus on based on the resources at your disposal.

When someone asks me that is there a catfish business they can do with one hundred thousand nairas, I tell them there is something they can do with that. And they will make money from it. If somebody says he wants to start a catfish business with five hundred thousand nairas without land nor water. I will way “Why don’t you buy a smoking kiln?” buy the fish, smoke the fish and start selling that. You can integrate backward into owning your own farm.

Asher Tours - Training in Catfish Floating Feed Farming (1)

And in view of all of these, Akin Fish is inviting you to a fish farm tour where you will visit all of these businesses with one or two days and with that, sit down with me to discuss your resources and how you can start your own catfish business.  Thank you very much.

Starting your fish pond? I think these are tips you want to look at.

If you want to know the kind of feed to use in your catfish farm, check here.

However, if you attend the tour I am inviting you to, you will see all of these with your eyes and we can discuss how to start your own catfish business.


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  1. l need a fish pond consultant that can construct a concrete fish ponds and also train the workers at the fish pond.

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