Wooden tarpaulin fish pond

Start your fish farm now

1-500 FISHES.

If you are looking to start something small,

from home maybe , an extremely small farm of less than 500 fishes,

I would advise you buy and read my book on

starting a fish farm with 500k.

book cover 500k

1000-5000 fishes.


If you are looking at starting the business small,


between 1000-5000 fishes,


I recommend you use mobile fish ponds to start your business.

akinfish and tarpaulin wooden ponds



This is going to be a major project, let us consult for you.


I think you should either come for training on our farm, 

or you should invite us to your proposed farm location and let us design the farm.


We can operate a Build, Operate and Transfer model.

Earthen Pond farm


frequently asked questions?

How much would you need to buy a car ? 5oo,ooo. 5 million or 50 million ? The trush is it is up to you. There are different aspects of fish farming that you can do depending on your resource.


However if the question is how much does it take to grow one catfish,

this article answers it.



There are 3 types of feeds available in Nigeria. 


Imported feeds e.d Skretting, Coppens and Aller Aqua.


Made in Nigeria branded feeds e.g Bluecrown feed, Top Feed, Vital feed and Ecofloat feed.


and self made feeds in the feedmill.


this Video teaches you  how to make the choice

This is what is called stocking density.


If you put 10 men in a room they are more likely to have diseases and fall sick than if you put 3 people in that room.


This article teaches how you should calculate the number of fishes to put in your pond. 

To grow to what size ? 


Smoking size is about 2-3 months, 


Table size is 4 months and above




This article lists the different sizes of sellable fish and how long the fish takes to get there.