I wrote a little ebook showing 5 actionable steps for you to start your fish farm business. The farm might not be the biggest when you start, you don’t have to start big, you can start small and allow it grow. The book costs N5000.

The book titled: How to start your fish business- 5 action steps answers questions like…

1. What is the best fish specie to grow ?

2. Where can I sell my fish ?

3. How much profit would I make from my fish ?

4. What is the best fish feed to use ?

5. How much does it take to raise 1000 fishes.

6. What to do to make your fish grow very fast ?

7. What drugs can I use for the fish ?

8. How much would it take to start a farm ?

9. How to use 500k to enter the fish business.

For a copy, make N5000 Payment to

Asher R.P Ltd,

Send me the payment reciept on WhatsApp 08161385163 with your email address and we would send the ebook to your mail.

After reading the book, you would know how to start, what fish business angle really soothes you and steps to take to start.

Grab it now.

book cover 500k