Prices of Tarpaulin Mobile Fish Ponds and Liners for Sale in Nigeria

tarpaulin fish ponds

In 2022, the prices of quality mobile and tarpaulin fish ponds and liners for sale have risen in Nigeria.

There are standard sizes of mobile fish ponds available. We can also make them according to your specific size if your have a size in mind.

Complete Tarpaulin Mobile Fish Pond Setup

This is for the complete fish pond setup. We would bring the

Frames(the legs),

Pond Liners (what you call tarpaulin)

and the drainage(the part that takes water out of the ponds).

The complete pond. It costs:

tarpaulin mobile fish ponds 2
tarpaulin mobile fish ponds 2

10*7*4ft- 500 fishes- 100k (10ft is the length, 7ft is the breadth and 4ft is the height)

10*10*4ft- 800 fishes- 160k

20*10*4ft-1200 fishes-220k

tarpaulin fish pond happy customer2
tarpaulin fish pond happy customer
Galvanized Iron tarpaulin fish pond
Galvanized Iron tarpaulin fish pond

Transport and Delivery is negotiated according to distance and depending on the number of ponds. This is delivered within 5-7 working days.

Yes, we can use wood for the frames, however this is dependent on the type of farm it is and other qualities of the location. I always like to speak to a client and hear his thought on the site before I recommend the types of frames that would best suit his fish enterprise.

wood tarpaulin ponds
wood tarpaulin ponds
akinfish and tarpaulin wooden ponds
akinfish and tarpaulin wooden ponds

Note that you want fish ponds that would hold water to the brim like asher ponds, water is heavy. That is why Asher Tarpaulin mobile ponds remain the best fish ponds in Nigeria.

Tarpaulin fish ponds in Abuja
Tarpaulin fish ponds in Abuja
Asher ponds at home 2
Asher ponds at home 2

This is how much it would cost you to raise the fishes : How much does it cost to raise catfish ?

Tarpaulin Fish Pond Liner Alone Package

The second package is just the Liner (what you call the Tarpaulin). You would build the legs by yourself.

We do this for our clients in far places. If you are doing less than 5 fish ponds, it might make more sense for you to buy only our reinforced liners and then get a local welder to do the frames for you with our designs and our counsel.

We would teach them and show them pictures of what to do to get a design that would last.
10*7*4ft- Tarpaulin alone – 45k
10*10*4ft-Tarpaulin alone – 60k
20*10*4ft-Tarpaulin alone – 95k

making the liner
Liner sealing machine
making the liner 2
Making the liner
making the liner 3
Installing the frames
making the liner 4
Fish Pond is set

Delivery is between 3k-5k depending on the number of ponds and your location. This is delivered in 3-5 working days. We send it through public transport and you speak to the driver so you agree on the nearest garage for you to pick your fish pond from.

You can also discuss with us to know the total number of fish you intend to raise and we can recommend on how to arrange the ponds to enable you sort your fishes and have the best experience whilst managing your fish farm.

Watch our team led by our founder Mr. Akinfish set up 2000 fish capacity fish pond below.

View here to see our CEO, MR Akinfish sharing more tips on how to make your fish farm successful.

Cheers and we wish you all the best in your fish farming venture !

2 thoughts on “Prices of Tarpaulin Mobile Fish Ponds and Liners for Sale in Nigeria”

  1. Good evening Sir,
    Thank you for the article which is very educative. Please I have been reading a lot about catfish farming and most of the writers speak about how profitable it is. unfortunately almost all of you do not give out estimated cost of production, gross margins, operating costs etc.
    Please should one go in for 2,000 juveniles what will be the estimates at I have outlined above? Again applying all cultural practices how long will it take the juvenile catfish to reach harvesting of say 1.5 kg.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    1. Hello Kwame, I dont give out such estimates readily because in my 8 years of being a full time fish farmer, I havent recorded the exact profit margins twice.

      My profit margins always fluctuates per season. It can depend on the feed I use at the time.
      Some times and fish prices are better than other times.
      However, all factors being equal, your fishes should get to 1.5kg in 7 months. True, some would get there faster, in 5 months, but not all of them would. You always talk with the smallest fish in the pond and not the largest.

      Cheers bro

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