Price of Tarpaulin Fish Ponds in Nigeria.  

tarpaulin fish ponds

Price of Tarpaulin Fish Ponds in Nigeria. Mobile ponds are the best in fish farming in Nigeria right now. People are always asking, what is the price of tarpaulin mobile fish pond in Nigeria? They have different sizes and different prizes…

The price of the tarpaulin fish pond in Nigeria is dependent on the frames used for the ponds. These are other factors.

The standard sizes of the tarpaulin fish ponds are

10*7*4 ft (500 table size fishes) – 100k

10*10*4ft (800 table size fishes) – 160k

20*10*4 ft ( 1200 table size fishes) – 220k

Here is what affects the price of tarpaulin fish pond in Nigeria.

The price of a mobile pond depends on the following:


The size of a mobile pond is usually stated in feet. It is better to state the highest figure first and the height last. For example 20*10*4ft means the fish pond is 20 feet long, 10 feet wide and 4 ft tall.

I always recommend a 4ft height pond because the water of a pond should not be filled to the brim. So if it is 4 ft and fillewd well, the water should get to 3ft and prevent the sun from heating up the water too much to stress the fishes.

If it is 3 ft filled, it is still okay to regulate the water temperature regardless of the suns’ direct heat. The bigger the pond, the more expensive it is.

Asher different sizes of tarpaulin ponds
Asher different sizes of tarpaulin ponds

See here to know the number of fishes that your pond can take.


The frames of the mobile ponds are what is known as the stands or the legs of the pond.

Wood, Iron, Bamboo and Pvc pipes are the frames options available in Nigeria. They are all suited for different purposes. 

The galvanized iron frames are more expensive than wood, Pvc is more expensive than wood, Wood is more expensive than Bamboo e.t.c the cheapest might not necessarily be the best frames for you. For example pvc pipes are good for hatchery ponds but are not good for grow out ponds. Many people forget that water is quite heavy, thus the frames affect the price of the tarpaulin fish pond in Nigeria.

Note: this frames are by far the most important part of the pond. You would see here that this picture is of a pond filled to the brim with water. The frames must be strong enough to support it with water filled to the brim.

akinfish and tarpaulin wooden ponds
akinfish and tarpaulin wooden ponds
tarpaulin mobile fish ponds 2
tarpaulin mobile fish ponds 2

Pond Liners.

The pond Liner is what you call Tarpaulin for the fish pond.

The pond liners come in different textures and grades. The best in the market is what is called HDPE, high Density Polythelene. It usually lasts 10 years and more.

The Pond liners are also being used as earthen fish ponds liner and line leaking concrete ponds. The better the quality of the tarpaulin for the mobile pond, the more the price of the tarpaulin fish pond.

The liner sealing machine
The liner sealing machine
Making the liner
Making the liner
Installing the frames
Installing the frames
Fish Pond is set
Fish Pond is set


There are different types of drainages that can be used in the mobile pond. You can use an exit valve style drainage. You can also use a chambered drainage or a pull out drainage. The choice of drainage system is usually dependent on the location and the circumstance. Some people channel the waste water to the gutter, other channel it to their vegetable farms! The drainage must also be able to sweep the waste feed or debris at the bottom of the pond away. The pattern of the drainage would also affect the eventual cost of the mobile ponds.

To know which Feed is the best to use in rearing your catfish see this…


There are price differences across the different states in Nigeria. The price of wood in Abuja, and Port Harcourt is different from the price in Ibadan. I went to setup a farm in Ebocha , Rivers State some times last year and my total expense was almost 80per cent more than what I would have spent down here in the south west. So location does inflate the cost of the mobile fish pond.

If you are just starting your fish farm or fish business, here are some tips that you must know as you start…click here

Watch our team build a 2000 capacity tarpaulin fish pond below !

On youtube, I share helpful tips from my farm on how to make your fish farm more successful click here.



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