November 25, 2017

Mobile Rabbit Cage

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Starting a rabbit farm in Nigeria has never been easier. Within days you can have a rabbit cage delivered to you.

The advantages of our Asher Rabbit Cage are:

  1. Optimum Space for Rabbit Growth- with the help of animal scientists, each compartment is designed to be big enough to support all activities of the rabbit. The chambers have been designed to allow for easy mating for the rabbits and the right amount of room to support the best growth schedule for rabbits.
  2. Its highly mobile, if you have to travel or move locations, you just dismantle and reassemble! If you are not going to be around for a few days, why not move the cages to a neighbor’s house temporarily, have him take care of the rabbits and bring it back when you come back.
  3.  It is comparatively cheaper and more long lasting. Our 8 chambered cages are relatively cheaper and faster to acquire than the average carpenters cost of building a cage. It also lasts longer!
  4. Easy to clean. Our rabbit cage has a unique self -cleaning design. It is specially designed to ensure that you spend less than 5 minutes in cleaning the cage.  Yes, just 5 minutes. The wastes are collected to one side of the cage and easy to dispose of. Our rabbit cage also has a unique design that eradicates smell.
  5. Super quick. You can have your rabbit cage delivered to you within x days and you start your rabbit farming pronto!


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