Four Different Types of Tarpaulin Mobile Fish Ponds in Nigeria.

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There are different types of tarpaulin mobile fish ponds in Nigeria. People use them for different purposes. This is a list of the four different tarpaulin mobile fish ponds in Nigeria.

Mobile Fish Ponds Made with PVC Pipes

As in the picture below, these ponds were made with PVC pipes.

pvc frames for mobile ponds
Fish ponds made with PVC pipes.

They are mostly done for hatcheries because the PVC pipes cannot honestly support the weight you need for a bigger grow-out farm. It looks fine, yes. But it cannot sustain a grow out farm. It is good for hatcheries where the water is not bigger than 1 ft. the pond itself is not bigger than 1 ft in height. Some people fill it with concrete but it still cannot support a bigger pond.

Mobile Fish Ponds done with Wood.

Theses ponds are done with wood.

Hatcheries made with wood.

The first is a hatchery but the second is not; it is a grow-out fish pond constructed with wood.

I know you want to ask me to say which one is the best. Hold on a bit on that.

Mobile Fish Ponds done with Galvanized Iron.

The pictures below show the fish ponds done with galvanized iron.

collapsible fish ponds in Nigeria 3
Mobile ponds done with galvanised iron filled to the brim with water.
cost of mobile fish ponds in Nigeria 3
Empty mobile ponds done with galvanized iron.

But for you to do this, you need to use a galvanized iron that will support the full weight of the water. This is mostly for grow-out farms and as you can see, it can be as high as four feet. It can actually go as high as you want it but generally, four feet height is used.

To do it well such that it holds water to the brim like in the picture below, there is a quality of frame to use; not just the one that is commonly seen online.

collapsible fish ponds in Nigeria 3
Asher Mobile Ponds done with galvanized iron filled to the brim with water.

Most of these pictures online are usually empty mobile tarpaulin fish ponds. Upon erection, the ponds look good, especially to the camera. But upon the in-filling of water, the ponds do not do so well with the weight. So, for you to correct this, the frames have to be of a certain quality. It might be more expensive but it is better you pay it and get something that will last you for years.

The Iron Net Innovation

The fourth type is also done with iron but also done with a net. It is quite innovative and it also gets the job done well but very expensive. An iron mesh is used to construct it.

Those are the four types of tarpaulin mobile fish ponds in Nigeria. However, there are different qualities of liners. Liners are what you might call tarpaulin. But for a fish pond, some of these tarpaulin is reinforced with fibers while others are not. Those that are reinforced with fibers are what most people call the “first grade”. Meanwhile, HDPE (high density polyethylene) are the best of them all. And that is what we used at Asher Mobile Fish Ponds. Thank you very much.

If you are just starting your fish business, I think these are tips are something you should to look at.

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Please feel free to call me for any other question as you start your farm.

Thank you.


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