Identifying the best Tarpaulin Fish Ponds in Nigeria

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More people are using this tarpaulin fish pond in Nigeria. Here is how to identify the best tarpaulin fish ponds in Nigeria.


1. Tarpaulin Material

First look at the material. Some people use tarpaulin and other grades of tarpaulin for fish farming. But in reality, the best types are the grade-A materials also known as the trailer Tarpaulin. It is actually HDPE, high density polyethylene. It is reinforced with fibers inside and can last for up to 10 years if well handled.

2 things to look out for in the liners.

  • The length. This is tricky. A 4ft pond should not have a 4ft liner. It should be at least a 4ft 2 inches in length. This is to allow the material to seat properly on the floor. The material must be big enough just to have a little extra. This way the weight of the water would be on the floor and not on the material or on the frames. Look at this picture of a perfectly sealed liner by Asher Ponds.
  • The sealing. Some people use gum to seal tarpaulins. But with the newly imported tarpaulin sealing machine, we are able to seal the tarpaulin into different sizes we want. People now seal the tarpaulin for large sizes even for earthen ponds as earthen fish pond liners, to lay inside leaking concrete ponds, to retain water in leaking soils e.t.c

tarpaulin fish ponds in Nigeria  tarpaulin fish ponds in Nigeria 2


2. The Frames of the pond.

People think Iron frames are the best, over Wood frames or Pvc Pipe frames. I think they are all useful for different purposes. You can use them for different aspects of fish farming, building a hatchery, smoking size fishes, grow out fishes or broodstock ponds.

To identify the best tarpaulin fish pond in Nigeria, the frames must not be rickety. It must be strong and reinforced on all sides.

*TIP* why do you think most of the pictures you see online are pictures of empty ponds? They were just snapped after construction and not after or during use. Most of them have not been filled with water to see if they would stand the full weight of the water. Asher Ponds is the best tarpaulin fish ponds in Nigeria.


tarpaulin fish ponds in Nigeria 3  tarpaulin fish ponds in Nigeria 4

wooden frame for tarpaulin pond 2                  tarpaulin fish ponds in Nigeria 5



The drainage, this is tricky. There are different types of drainage systems. The exit valves and the chambered flushing system. It is always best to get a plumber to come and attach the drainage of your pond for you. All Asher Ponds come with their drainage so you don’t have to buy the fake ones outside.


tarpaulin fish ponds in Nigeria 6


With this in mind, you should be able to identify the best tarpaulin and mobile fish ponds in Nigeria.

To see the various available sizes of ponds in Nigeria, click here.

If you are just starting your fish farm project, you can find some helpful tips here.


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